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Murfreesboro Sedation Dentistry

You and your staff are the best Dr. Roy! Thanks for the excellent care during my sedation appointment yesterday. It's great to get major work done in one sitting. I would not consider being taken care of by any other dentist.

A.L. - 12/21/12

Sedation dentistry involves relaxing a patient’s central nervous system through the use of agents that can be ingested, inhaled, or intravenously injected for the sake of facilitating dental procedures. Sedation can be minimal, in which case the patient retains motor control and can respond to stimuli but benefits from a reduction in anxiety, moderate, whereby they are even more relaxed but can still respond to a desired stimulus, and deep, wherein they are usually in a non-conscious, non-responsive state. There are multiple reasons why sedation is used during some dental procedures, however chief among them are the flexibility it grants both dentists and their assistants in preparing the jaw for various procedures and the dramatic increase in comfort it grants their patients. Simply put, sedation dentistry allows for what might otherwise be painful, though necessary, procedures to be performed. Minimal and moderate sedation, in particular, have the added benefit of enabling a patient to respond and interact with their dentist in situations where feedback and bodily cooperation are essential.

Because procedures that require sedation are usually complex, it’s essential for any area patient to find a Murfreesboro dentist who benefits from years of experience. Because we’re dedicated to providing everyone who walks through the doors of our offices with care that is not only proficient and effective but also comfortable, the professionalism we show during every procedure is extended to those that involve sedation dentistry. Given that dental work which requires sedation is often intimidating, it’s also our pleasure to make each of our patient’s office visits as friendly and informative as possible. We want you to not only smile, after all, but also be healthy, and so as a Murfreesboro dentist office that takes pride in its community we also endeavor to create a patient experience that encourages people to not only come in for the more extensive procedures that require sedation, but also the regular check-ups that are a necessary part of dental health.