A Makeover for Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just improving your looks. Making over your smile can be a lot like remodeling your home; it can also involve fixing long term issues you’ve had with your teeth, spaces between teeth, or even missing teeth.

  • White fillings. Have you had fillings within the past few decades, only to notice that they’ve slowly been turning black? The older materials that dentists use don’t age well, and can reduce the aesthetic quality of your teeth. Older fillings can also become loose, or even dislodge entirely. New, white fillings can clean your teeth out, and provide a new layer of protection that is shaded to look exactly like your natural teeth.
  • One of the most popular ways to transform the look of a tooth is to provide a veneer. Veneers are shells made from different materials, and bonded to teeth. They are shaped to look like natural teeth, and shaded to match neighboring teeth. Veneers can be shaped to close gaps between teeth, shorten teeth, or provide proper length.
  • Teeth whitening. Another popular service in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening helps to combat the stains that occur from our diets. If you love coffee, or if you’re a smoker, then you already know how easy it is for teeth to become discolored. Products in the supermarket that advertise whitening power usually take weeks, or even months, to see the sort of results that one teeth whitening session with Dr. Thompson can provide. Fast, effective, and professional, these teeth whitening services are what professionals rely on for brighter smiles.
  • Dental implants. Missing one or more teeth? Dental implants might be a permanent and stable solution. With titanium settings that fuse naturally with your jaw, and crowns that are expertly made by Dr. Thompson’s lab team, your dental implant could look and feel like your own natural teeth.

For long term plans of cosmetic improvement, or just for a consultation on the type of cosmetic procedure that’s right for your dental profile, call Dr. Thompson’s office today to make an appointment.