Our Philosophy of Dental Care

Your dental care is your choice.  In solving problems, you may have heard the saying that there is more than one way to skin a cat. This applies to dental care also. There is generally not just one way to treat a dental issue.  Often there may not even be a single best way to solve a dental issue. Yes, we want patients to be free from infection and not in pain, but much of your dental care depends on what you want for your oral health. Your care is about your goals.

We follow the ethical guidelines set out by the American Dental Association as we plan and deliver dental care for patients.  Here are the five principles of ethics we adhere to:

#1 – Do good.  Our utmost concern is to improve your health. Our goal is to always move forward.

#2 – Do no harm.  We are constantly asking ourselves the question, “what, if any, is the downside of the treatment we are proposing?”

#3 – Be honest. You can expect us to be truthful with you in our relationship.

#4 – Be fair. We are on the same team with the goal of improving your health. If we are ever unfair in any way, our relationship will suffer, and we will fail long-term.  

#5 – Let the patient be a part of the decision-making process. You have the right to be a part of your treatment decisions. We try to not say ‘you need’ treatment. We tailor the treatment we recommend to the goals you have expressed to us.

Over time, we have found by following these principles of the Code of Ethics of the American Dental Association we meet patients’ goals and create long-lasting and trusting relationships.  We hope to see you soon as a new or an ongoing patient of record.