An Ounce of prevention


An Ounce of prevention

As modern medicine moves away from being purely reactionary, and instead makes strives towards prevention, it should be no wonder that it’s often dentists that lead the charge for patients to be aware, get regular examinations, and prevent serious dental health issues before they start.

Preventive dentistry is a more complicated way of describing regular dentist services, like examinations and cleanings, but advances in medical technology and digital imaging have really improved just how effective it can be for patients.

  • Regular screenings can not only spot problems with teeth and gums, but have come far enough to even spot the early warning signs of oral cancer and other serious health issues. Symptoms that appear in the mouth can be quite easily spotted by a dentist first and foremost.
  • Examinations are also a great time to ask questions and get answers. Dr. Thompson sees patients every week, but not every patient asks the questions that they need answers for in regards to hygiene, options for cosmetic dentistry, and more. By seeing your dentist more often, you get more chances to discuss these matters.
  • Finally, an examination and a cleaning is a solid benchmark for having clean, white teeth. Regular cleanings are easy to maintain at home with hygiene habits, and the examinations themselves will help you to know that your teeth are on the right path.

Examinations are also important as we grow older; some hereditary issues with gum tissue, for example, may not begin to appear until you get to your 30’s or 40’s. Dr. Thompson is trained and educated in being able to spot many of these issues, which can be treated and sometimes prevented before they even begin. Receding gums, for example, can be diagnosed earlier in life before they become a more serious concern.

Finally, consultations and recommendations are a great way to become familiar with the options that are available for treatment, as well as what their costs may be, and how those costs can even be managed over time on a budget. Call Dr. Thompson’s office today, and start forming great preventative habits.