If you have bad breath, you’re not alone. Studies show that 50% of adults have bad breath at some point in their lives. Knowing what to do about it can help you avoid having this condition at the wrong times, such as when on a date or speaking to friends.  Causes of Bad Breath The best way to prevent bad breath is to avoid the causes of it. The following are the causes and ways to fight bad breath.  Bacteria Bad breath-causing bacteria can live in the mouth because it’s the perfect place for it to thrive. The mouth is […]

Want to know which foods or habits to cut back on to protect your teeth? Here are five of the worst foods for your dental health. While you don’t always have to remove them completely from your diet, you should definitely restrict them for healthier teeth. 5. Ice Some people are in the habit of chewing ice. Ice is hard, naturally, which means it can chip your enamel in the process. It’s best not to chew on ice, and if you have the habit, to try and break it as soon as possible. Shards of ice can also pierce your […]

The gums are just as important as teeth when it comes to your oral health. While teeth are made of strong, durable materials that can withstand the impact of chewing and eating food, gums are a softer material that are more vulnerable to infection if left unchecked. The CDC estimated in 2012 that nearly half of all American adults suffer from gum disease in some form, with many simply not being aware of what gum disease is, its symptoms, or how to reverse its spread. Common Types of Gum Disease Gingivitis is more well known due to the amount of […]

Sugar-free products are popular because they can mean a partial or total reduction in the amount of calories that you get from a snack or treat, but they’ve also gained popularity because of the link between high sugar diets and dental decay. The truth is that sugar-free products actually do have a reduced risk when it comes to your teeth, but that there is still a risk involved, and in fact, that risk can be much worse because of the perception that a sugar free snack is perfectly safe. Sugar-Free isn’t Acid-Free In fact, the most commonly consumed sugar free […]

It’s one of the most common questions from patients with missing teeth: Are dental implants really going to be the solution? The answer to that question depends on your own unique dental profile and history, but the answer is usually yes. Dental implants can be the solution for a very wide range of problems associated with missing teeth, including but not limited to: Sensitive gums or bleeding gums where a tooth has been removed. Pain or discomfort while chewing food. Poor breath. Inability to properly chew certain types of food. Headaches, neck aches. All of these problems are rooted in […]

Popcorn and candy are the iconic go-to choices when you’re at the theater, or just when you want the home theater experience. Combine them with a soda, and you’re on your way to a real cinematic time. Unfortunately, candy can do damage to your teeth through the high amounts of sugar, artificial coloring, and acids that give them their flavor. The same is true of soda. Popcorn, while not especially damaging on its own, can result in the ever unpopular experience of getting a piece of the kernel stuck between your teeth. That can lead to gum irritation, or even […]

As modern medicine moves away from being purely reactionary, and instead makes strives towards prevention, it should be no wonder that it’s often dentists that lead the charge for patients to be aware, get regular examinations, and prevent serious dental health issues before they start. Preventive dentistry is a more complicated way of describing regular dentist services, like examinations and cleanings, but advances in medical technology and digital imaging have really improved just how effective it can be for patients. Regular screenings can not only spot problems with teeth and gums, but have come far enough to even spot the […]

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just improving your looks. Making over your smile can be a lot like remodeling your home; it can also involve fixing long term issues you’ve had with your teeth, spaces between teeth, or even missing teeth. White fillings. Have you had fillings within the past few decades, only to notice that they’ve slowly been turning black? The older materials that dentists use don’t age well, and can reduce the aesthetic quality of your teeth. Older fillings can also become loose, or even dislodge entirely. New, white fillings can clean your teeth out, and provide […]

Teeth, like any other part of the body, need a healthy lifestyle to support them. Your teeth and gums may actually be more vulnerable than most parts of the anatomy, due to the fact that they constantly deal with physical and chemical sources of stress throughout the day. Water is one way to combat those sources, and to protect your teeth. While great for your overall health, drinking water and staying hydrated can also mean avoiding cavities and gum disease. Here are three ways water works for your dental health. Circulation is an important part of dental health. Your teeth […]

While dentists can provide you with the very best in experienced, professional care, a majority of your dental health comes down to how well you take care of your teeth on your own time. A dentist will be there to provide emergency care, to repair teeth, or even to replace teeth with implants, but you can avoid expensive dental treatments by forming solid habits yourself. Here are a few tips. Brushing after every meal can get a little time consuming for most people, but there are different ways to clean your teeth without going for the full brush and paste […]