Murfreesboro Dental Bonding

Dr. Thompson, Dr. Kaitlyn Starbody, Dr. Michael Starbody, and their staff here at our Murfreesboro, TN office know that there are dental concerns that may not be extensive enough to require veneers but may still require something more stable and natural-looking than a simple surface filling. Small gaps, pits in teeth, cracks, and other forms of damage can all give your teeth an unhealthy appearance. Even worse, these minor imperfections can make the underlying dental tissue vulnerable to further decay through bacteria and acids from food and drinks.

The solution: dental bonding, a process that involves a small piece of composite material that is bonded directly to the tooth. Dental bonding is done with many of the same goals of veneers in mind, including:

  • Comfort. Whenever something is done to alter the shape or surface of a tooth, everyday comfort should be taken into account. With our bonding procedures, we help patients in Rutherford County, Tennessee to get a replacement that is shaped to fit comfortably with the rest of the tooth. You won’t need to worry about your gums or tongue being irritated by our bonds.
  • Appearance. Though bonds are often a small part of the tooth’s overall structure, they can still be noticeable if they haven’t been properly crafted and colored. Our doctors put their cosmetic dentistry expertise to work in creating dental bonds that look natural and can provide some great improvements to a tooth with a minimal amount of space and work required.
  • Durability. Patients need a dental bond that not only looks great, but can stand up to everyday use, including eating meals, talking, and more. We provide dental bonds that are made with very strong, high-grade materials for that express purpose.

If you’re currently dealing with a tooth that’s been injured, or if you’ve got a small imperfection in your tooth that’s been a cosmetic concern for years, a dental bond may be the perfect answer.

The Dental Bonding Process:

We examine your teeth and provide a consultation on whether or not we feel bonding may be the best solution. For some cases, veneers may be recommended over bonding as a more effective way to correct your dental issues.

We apply the bond quickly and easily. In just one visit, your tooth could be repaired, and back to looking great.

Dental bonding isn’t right for every situation, but it can be a very versatile fix for smaller, more common dental concerns and damage. To learn more about our dental bonding services, as well as our other cosmetic dentistry services, contact our 37129 offices today. We provide top care for patients of any age or dental background.