Teeth Whitening


Murfreesboro Teeth Whitening

The difference between professional whitening, and whitening that you would get from an over-the-counter product are night and day. Store-bought whitening products can take weeks, or even months, to show any improvements in the shading of your teeth and require very exact and repeated use over time. While they may be useful if you don’t have access to a dentist that can perform tooth whitenings, they aren’t a proper replacement for what a cosmetic dentist can do.

In as few as one visit during a lunch hour, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Kaitlyn Starbody, Dr. Michael Starbody, and the staff here at our Murfreesboro, TN office may be able to provide you with a dramatic improvement to the look of your teeth. Teeth whitening, when handled by a cosmetic dentist with training, is completely safe, long-lasting, and comfortable throughout the procedure.

  • For teeth that look yellowed, dental whitening can provide a very fast, very effective treatment that will get them to look naturally white, clean, and ready to flash the next time that you smile or take a photograph. The yellowing or browning of teeth is something that can occur naturally over time, regardless of your dietary or lifestyle habits. With our dental whitening, we can correct this issue.
  • For teeth that are stained due to coffee or tobacco products, dental whitening is most often the most effective treatment available. Again, products from the store may be able to provide slow results, if at all, but smoking and coffee can both cause more extensive staining to teeth. With our whitening, we can lift these stains and provide a whiter, more brilliant smile in far less time.
  • For touch-ups and events, including proms, weddings, and presentations, tooth whitening can be a very quick way to get your smile looking its best. If you’re planning to speak in front of the public, or if you’re going to be taking pictures that will last for a lifetime, why present anything less than the very best that your teeth can look? Our whitening procedures dental can be scheduled in advance of any big day or night that you have planned and can provide results in as little as one visit.

Perfect for Adults and Teens

Our dental whitening is targeted at anyone who needs brighter teeth in the 37129 area. It can be the best solution for teens who may be conscious about the look of their teeth, and for adults that want to maintain a more polished, professional appearance.

Our doctors provide an exceptional level of care and attention to ensure that your teeth look white, but ensures that they will also look naturally white as well. A healthier, brighter, more receptive smile is exactly what we aim to achieve with our whitening services, and we can even package them together with other cosmetic procedures that you may need, such as veneers and bonding, to minimize your amount of office visits. Call us today to schedule an examination and appointment.