Veneers / Laminates


Murfreesboro Veneers

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have teeth that have been damaged in an accident, or due to an injury?
  • Do you have a single tooth that is severely discolored?
  • Do one or more of your teeth have a slight alignment issue?
  • Do you have a tooth that’s been cracked, and needs to be protected?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” then a veneer may be the right solution for you. New dental practices and technology have made veneer fabrication faster and more accurate than ever before. When combined with the latest in imaging technology, top cosmetic dentists like Dr. Thompson are able to provide patients with a more comfortable, natural-looking veneer that lasts longer as well.

What is a Veneer, and Can They Help Me?

A veneer is a thin enamel shell that can be placed over a tooth that has been properly prepared by Dr. Thompson, Dr. Kaitlyn Starbody, and Dr. Michael Starbody. As leading cosmetic dentists in Murfreesboro and the Rutherford County area, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Starbody have worked tirelessly to provide patients with a higher level of quality and care than they might have experienced with others, and the results are plain to see; patients get veneers that fit very comfortably in the mouth, which look natural and healthy, and which last much longer than other veneer placements.

  • Veneers are fast. In as few as three office visits, your veneers could be bonded to the targeted teeth in your mouth, with minimal-to-nonexistent levels of discomfort throughout the process.
  • Veneers are versatile. Veneers can correct a wide range of cosmetic concerns with your teeth, including chipping damage, discoloration, and teeth that are poorly angled or spaced. While not a replacement for braces, they can provide corrections much faster if you’re a good candidate.
  • Veneers are appealing. Movie stars and media personalities rely on veneers every day to show their very best smile, and you can too. Veneers are both crafted and colored to look like your natural tooth, but even better.

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Starbody can provide patients in the 37129 area of Tennessee with expert care in the preparation of the tooth, the imaging, and the final bonding of your veneer. The entire process can take as few as two office visits, but the results and the improvements they add can last for a lifetime. If you’ve been searching for dental solutions that work in Murfreesboro, TN, then give our office a call today.

Now patients in the 37129 area can experience the virtues of veneers for themselves, thanks to our ever-improving cosmetic dentistry services. We provide some of the very best veneer preparation, placement, and follow-up care in the area for patients of every age and dental health history. If you’ve never had a consultation or examination to see if you are eligible for veneers, now is the perfect time to see what these wonderful procedures can do to improve your life.