Cosmetic Fillings

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Murfreesboro Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings can address:

  • Damage to your teeth, including small chips and areas of decay.
  • Areas of damage that can exist between teeth, due to trapped food particles.
  • Older fillings, which can be replaced with better materials.

Many patients in Rutherford County, TN choose fillings as their dental solution for these reasons and more but can have apprehensions about the actual appearance of fillings. We’re all familiar with the black or dark gray look of certain fillings, and how they can stand out whenever we talk or smile. Dental technology has moved forward with more cosmetic alternatives for both front and back teeth.

A cosmetic filling uses bonding materials that provide a stronghold and durability, but which can also be blended in naturally with the tooth in which they are set. The result is that you get the very restorative powers of a filling, without the distraction, the darkened look that older, metal fillings caused. It’s even possible to replace older fillings with our new cosmetic fillings. If you’re self-conscious about the look of your fillings, or you have damaged teeth that need fillings right away, cosmetic fillings are almost always the best solution.

The Cosmetic Difference

Fillings are an ideal solution for most dental damage that is direct to the tooth:

  • A filling will help to prevent further damage to the tooth, which can lead to breakage.
  • Fillings can also address the pain that a patient may be feeling due to exposed nerve and dental tissue.
  • Dental fillings may prevent you from needing a full root canal, which is a much more extensive procedure.

Cosmetic fillings stand out because they use materials that can be shaded and bonded to look natural on the surface of the tooth. While your dentist will know that there is a filling present, even the most trained eye will have difficulty knowing where the tooth ends, and the filling begins. Even more importantly, a cosmetic filling is meant to be durable enough to use every day.

Dr. Thompson, Dr. Starbody, and the staff here at our 37129 office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee know that patients can often be just as concerned with the appearance of their teeth as they can with their health. That’s why we offer cosmetic fillings and recommend them to patients in many different situations.

Our offices can provide an initial consultation and examination of your teeth, including x-rays which can determine whether or not cosmetic fillings will be the best step moving forward. We only use the best materials for our fillings, which is why many patients also request that we use cosmetic fillings to replace their older, darker fillings as well. We provide top care before, during, and after the procedure, which can include checkups on the filling to ensure that everything is comfortable for you as a patient. For patients both young and old, cosmetic fillings may be the perfect fit for your dental profile. Contact our office at 615 896 1330 today for an examination.