Courses, Meetings and Presentations attended by Dr Thompson and Team


Feb, 2017 – Participated in a 2 day symposium in California sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives as part of my training and responsibility as a Trustee to the American Dental Association.

February, May, August and September of 2017 – Participated in  4 day meetings of the American Dental Association Board of Trustees in Chicago.

March, June, September and December of 2017 – Participated in 2 day Board meetings of the Foundation of the American Dental Association.

April, 2017 – Visited several Tennessee Senators and Representatives while in Washington, DC while attending the ADA Dental Lobbying Day.

March and April, 2017 – Attended a total of 5 days on Aesthetic Excellence and Digital Photography at the Center for Exception Practices in Richfield, Ohio with one of my assistants and one of my hygienists where we participated in placing veneers on a patient while other dentists watched and learned the technique. My friend and mentor, Dr Rhys Spoor, taught this course.

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May, 2017 – Attended a two day continuing education course with one of my dental assistants in Los Angeles focusing on comprehensive treatment planning taught by my Dr. Lincoln Harris of New Zealand.

July, 2017 – Attended and took continuing courses on oral surgery and restorative dentistry over three days at the Academy of General Dentistry Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

July, 2017 – Attended the West Virginia Dental Association annual meeting at the beautiful Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

July, 2017 – Participated in a two day committee meeting of the Dental Objective Structured Clinical Examination (DLOSCE) Steering Committee in Chicago.

August, 2017 – Attended and spoke at the MidState’s Dental Leadership Conference held in Cleveland, Ohio. Dental leaders from about eleven states throughout Middle America attend this conference. I got to attend a Major League Baseball game of the Cleveland Indians and managed to get a baseball during batting practice.

August, 2017 – Took a personal trip to rest and relax while hiking from the West Coast of England cross country to the East Coast along the Wainwright Trail.  A couple of fellow colleagues were also on the trip. In our busy work schedules everyone needs some time for personal reflection.

September, 2017 – Attended a two day meeting in Louisville, KY with fellow dentists from neighboring states studying the issues facing dentistry nationwide.

October, 2017 – Participated in a symposium in Chicago hosted by the National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health. The NIIOH addresses the role of oral health in overall health and how oral health can be better integrated into the educational process of all health care providers.

October, 2017 – Attended the Annual Meeting of the American Dental Association for five days in Atlanta, Georgia.

November, 2017 – Attended the two day meeting in Chicago of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs as liaison between that Council and the Board of Trustees.

November, 2017 – Attended the meeting of the Missouri Dental Association held in Jefferson City, Missouri.

December, 2017 – Attended a three day strategic planning meeting of the ADA Board of Trustees held in California.


January, 2018 – Both of my dental assistants and I attended the winter meeting of the International Congress of  Oral Implantologists in Orlando, Florida where we attended meetings for four days and where I received my Fellowship in the organization.

February, 2018 – Attended the kickoff events for the Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) program which was held at the University of Ohio College of Dentistry.

February, April, August, 2018 – Attended four-day meetings of the Board of Trustees of the American Dental Association in Chicago.

February, 2018 – Attended a course in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to recertify for Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support (ACLS).

March, 2018 – Attended a multi-day meeting of the Academy of Dental Practice held in West Virginia.

March, 2018 – Participated in a small panel workshop in Chicago formulating test construction for the DLOSCE examination.

March, 2018 – Attended the American Dental Educators Association (ADEA) meeting in Orlando for two days.

March, 2018 – Took a continuing education course in Chicago on the Densha osseodensification protocol for implant placement.

April, 2018 – Took my entire dental office team to a two-day continuing education course in Phoenix, Arizona.

April, 2018 – Went to Washington DC for three days as a contingent of 1000 dentists and students to participate in the ADA Student and Dentist Lobbying Day. I visited several legislators that represent Tennessee in the federal government.

May, 2018 – Attended as Liaison the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Plans.

May, 2018 – Attended the annual meeting of the Tennessee Dental Association held in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was a pleasure to attend a meeting close to home where I didn’t have to get on a plane to attend.

May, 2018 – Attended a meeting in Chicago of the American Dental Association/Commission on Dental Accreditation Workgroup to study issues that can help the two organizations work more synergistically.

June, 2018 – Went to Israel with eighty members of my church on a pilgrimage. We visited Capernaum, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Jericho, Masada, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea as well as many other historical and bilbilcal sites. This was a personal sabbatical trip.

July, 2018 – Attended a 2 day implant and restorative dentistry course in Winchester taught by Dr. Cory Glenn (TN) and Dr. Danny Domingue (LA).

July, 2018 – Visited colleagues of West Virginia while attending the annual meeting of the West Virginia Dental Association. While on this trip I was treated to a tour of the West Virginia University School of Dentistry and their Center for Technical Innovation by Dean Tom Borgia.

August, 2018 – Attended a portion of and spoke at the MidState’s Dental Leaders Conference held this year in Nashville.

August, 2018 – Attended the Kentucky Dental Association in French Lick, Indiana, and took classes on the current trends in reducing the incidence of dental decay and on the use of social media in dental practice.

September, 2018 – Attended a two day meeting of the National Give Kids A Smile Committee in St. Paul, Minnesota at the headquarters of the 3M Company.

September, 2018 – Spoke at a fundraiser for the Rutherford County Interfaith Dental Clinic in Murfreesboro

September, 2018 – Attended a four day meeting of the ADA Board of Trustees in Chicago

September, 2018 – Along with my two dental assistants attended a three day meeting of the International Congress of Oral Implantology in Las Vegas taking classed on the most current implant and bone grafting technology. The emphasis of this meeting was avoiding complications of implants.

October, 2018 – Attended the American Dental Association meeting “Amerca’s Dental Meeting” in Honolulu where the business of the Association is handled for the year and policies are set for the dental profession. Took classes on bone grafting techniques for implants and courses on prevention of dental decay.

November, 2018 – Attended the Missouri Dental Association meeting in Jefferson City, MO for two days.