Dentures & Partial Dentures


Murfreesboro Dentures

If you have several missing teeth, Dr. Thompson may recommend that you get dentures to address the issue. Without dentures, most patients experience a much lower quality of life due to an inability to properly chew food, speak, or even smile without feeling extremely conscience about their missing teeth.

The common conception of dentures is that they are tacky, uncomfortable, and easily slide out of the mouth at the most inconvenient times. Nothing could be further from the truth, as modern medicine and fabrication technology have made dentures far better than they were even ten years ago.

  • The modern denture is form fitted to the unique contours of your gums and lips. This means that you will get dentures that not only look natural, but which feel natural in the mouth. Custom made dentures mean more than just comfort, too; crafting dentures to the proper form helps you to avoid friction against the gums due to ill fitting dentures, which leads to infection.
  • Modern dentures look great. Dr. Thompson, as an expert in cosmetic dentistry, knows that it’s important for your teeth to look like your own, whether they are the originals or replacements. Our offices create dentures that look like your own, natural teeth, right down to the coloring and surface texture of the tooth.
  • Modern dentures are durable. With proper fitting and gum bonding agents, your dentures should be a snug fit to your gum line without causing irritation due to rubbing and friction. They should also be able to stand up to every day meals, coffee, and more. Not only do we provide initial denture fitting and creation, but we can also provide any repairs or cosmetic work that your dentures may need as well, so that they look perfect every time.

Dentures are often recommended for patients who are elderly and missing several teeth, but trauma from serious accidents and physical trauma may also require them at any age. The important thing is to make sure that your dentures come from a qualified dentist that takes the time and attention to make sure that they fit, look great, and are able to last.

Dentures that Give you a New Lease on Life

If you’re a patient in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and you need dentures that aren’t a distraction, then we are the dental office to call. Dr. Thompson’s extensive knowledge and experience with dentures helps him to craft and place dentures that patients in Murfreesboro, TN will love. The days of feeling embarrassed about your dentures or missing teeth are over. Contact our offices today, and we’ll provide you with a full consultation and examination of your dental health. We can even look over your current dentures, and provide consultation on better dentures that may be a much more comfortable, effective fit.

Our goal is to give you the best combination of dignity, comfort, and ability. With our dentures, crafted with the top materials in the industry, we achieve that with our patients in the 37129 area.

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