Invisalign is Great for Adults

The secret to perfection is to do many small things well. Invisalign is arguably one of the most perfect solutions when it comes to straightening adult teeth for that reason. Regular wire and bracket braces achieve their results by tightening the teeth into proper alignment over time, utilizing pressure to properly space teeth and hold them there until muscles and settings adjust to make permanent changes. It all makes for a sore, sometimes painful experience.

So what makes Invisalign the better option?

  • Traditional braces can’t be taken out on your own, nor could you put them in yourself. They require dental bonding to place, and wire cutting to remove. Invisalign trays can taken out or put in by yourself, at home.
  • Invisalign is aimed at correcting cosmetic problems with teeth, rather than the far more reaching corrections that dental braces are used for. That means that they can focus on getting better looking teeth, and do so with less pressure for aligning your bite.
  • Braces create a profile in the mouth, due to the shining metal involved. Even clear braces aren’t difficult to spot. Invisalign trays are transparent plastic, so they’re quite a bit more discrete.

It all adds up to create the perfect dental alignment solution for adults. With flexibility, you won’t have to worry about having your braces disturbed by eating certain foods. You can instead remove your dental tray, and place it back in, just as you would with a retainer. With comfort, there will be less headaches associated with the pressure and tension that wire braces cause while they do their job. With their discrete, low profile appearance, you also won’t have to worry about changes to your personal appearance or image.

Professionals rely on Invisalign in many fields that require making a great first impression, from athletes, to entertainers, to singers, but they’re also great for every day moms and dads that just want better looking teeth without the hassle of wire braces. Stop by for a consultation with Dr. Thompson today, and get an exam to see if Invisalign is right for you.