Preventive Dentistry


Murfreesboro Preventive Dentistry

Sometimes, the best solution to life’s many dental concerns is to keep them from happening in the first place. We’re all familiar with the measures that athletes take when it comes to their teeth, such as mouth guards and protective head guards, but what about everyday use and care? For patients of all ages in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, simple preventative dentistry practices can help you to avoid serious, expensive, and painful dental problems.

  • Examination and cleaning. In many cases where a serious dental problem is found, one of the leading causes for its progress so far has been a simple lack of awareness that it even existed. Small concerns, such as teeth that are too closely placed to one another, can lead to trapped food, which can lead to bacteria, which can lead to cavities between one or both teeth. Teeth that are also moving closer or farther apart from one another may not be immediately apparent to a patient, but with an examination, we can work to determine if and where these problems exist, and how to correct them. With a cleaning, we’re also able to provide you with thorough removal of any food particles, stains, and another build-up which can damage the surface of your teeth, and even apply protective treatments to teeth that will keep them strong well after you’ve left the office. Your teeth will look and feel great, and the entire cleaning process is comfortable.
  • Recommendations and consultation. There are dental health profiles where long-term plans may be recommended as a way to fight back against issues like receding gum lines, hereditary dental and gum issues, and more. With long-term care, it’s possible to prevent some of the more extensive and painful surgical options that may be required if these problems are allowed to progress unchecked.

Consultations are also available for patients which may have a series of dental concerns, and who want to correct them and get improvements to their dental health over time. With our preventative consultations, we can look at any alignments in your teeth, current health concerns, and more. We provide a “total dental health” approach to these long-term plans, with the goal of minimizing pain and maximizing results.

The sooner that you schedule an appointment for our preventative care, the sooner that we’ll be able to get started on effective plans of action for patients in the Rutherford County, TN area.

As one of the leading dentists in the 37129 area, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Kaitlyn Starbody, Dr. Michael Starbody can also provide some of the best preventative care in combination with our cosmetic dental care procedures. We work to prevent, repair, and improve the quality of our patients’ lives, and do so with all of the care and dedication that you would expect from medical professionals that are committed to the community. When you need top preventative services on top of other dental care that you may already be getting, or when you’re looking for real-world solutions to dental concerns, contact our office.