Professional Cosmetic Dentistry in Murfreesboro, TN

It’s time to take a look at your teeth. Do you have the smile that you always wanted? If not, it may be time to explore some restorative options. Cosmetic dentistry can help you get that perfect smile and improve your self-esteem and oral and dental health in the process!

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is a branch of the dental world dedicated to improving teeth and oral tissue aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry covers many procedures, such as veneers, bonding, or simply whitening your teeth. Read on for more information about how aesthetic dentistry can change your life. 

Why Cosmetic Dentistry is Important

Many people who are unsatisfied with their smile may still think of cosmetic dentistry as something that is not necessary. However, it is important because it can improve your self-esteem and appearance and your overall dental and oral health. Aesthetic dentistry allows patients to be the best version of themselves and improve their dental health. In addition, if your teeth are stained or crooked, aesthetic dentistry can help fix that, too.

2. What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry


Aesthetic dentists have many tools and access to the latest technology to achieve the highest quality results for whatever dental treatment you need. Treatments such as bonding and veneers are easy options for improving teeth. Teeth whitening is another popular procedure that removes stains from teeth, making them appear whiter.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry not only helps with aesthetics, but it can be an excellent booster for your mental and physical health, too!

  • Improved self-esteem: Some people are self-conscious about their teeth and what their smile looks like. Fixing those nagging, eye-catching issues will not only improve one’s self-esteem but will likely help their overall oral health.
  • A brighter, more beautiful smile: A simple whitening appointment can help achieve a brighter and more attractive smile. Say goodbye to stains from coffee or tobacco!
  • Increased confidence in social situations: Corrective dental care services can truly help confidence in the social world. Whether it is the need for one tooth or many, a cosmetic dentist can help!
  • Preventative treatment can help your overall dental health: Having comprehensive dental care is important to your dental health and overall health. Routine preventative treatments like cleanings and checkups can help one achieve optimum health.

How To Tell if You Need a Dental Procedure

It can be hard to tell if you need cosmetic dentistry. Many patients think that cosmetic dentists deal strictly with just the outward appearance of teeth, but cosmetic dentistry is often used to improve and restore the smile as a whole.

It is never too early in life to start taking care of your teeth and smile; Dr. Roy Thompson of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, recommends seeing a cosmetic dentist before age eleven to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

Types of Dental Care Procedures Available to Patients


Bonding is a procedure that involves placing a composite resin material over the front of the tooth. This can cover discolorations, cracks, and chips.

Professional Whitening

Whitening treatments can brighten your smile by up to eight shades! Not only do white teeth make you look younger, but they can also make you feel more confident. Whitening procedures take about an hour and are effective immediately after the process is finished.

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace natural teeth by fusing to the jawbone for stability. Dental implant procedures involve placing a metal post that acts as an anchor in your jaw. The dentist will then add a tooth onto the end of the implant so you can have one natural-looking smile.


Invisalign is a tooth; straightening technology that can straighten your teeth using clear trays rather than traditional wire braces. After a consultation appointment, the dentist will take an impression and images of the current alignment. Then, Invisalign uses clear retainers to shift your teeth into place, creating a straighter alignment.

Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings involve placing a resin material in the patient’s tooth. This is most commonly done to change the color of teeth or fix cracks.


Dental veneers are used to change the shape and color of teeth. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or resin material that can be placed over your front teeth for aesthetic purposes. This dental care procedure can correct gaps, chips, discolorations, and cracks in the tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a dental restoration that involves covering the top of a tooth to improve its appearance by strengthening it or straightening it. A bridge is a dental restoration that is used to replace one or multiple missing teeth.

Looking For a Cosmetic Dentist in Murfreesboro, TN?

If you are in the Murfreesboro area and searching for a new dentist that can provide the dental care services you are looking for, give Dr. Roy Thompson a call!

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Roy Thompson of Murfreesboro, TN, has over thirty years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and family dental care. He prides himself on the comprehensive dental care given to his patients and is well known for the highest quality, restorative dental procedures. Dr. Thompson specializes in veneers, fillings, bonding, and Invisalign to create the perfect smile. Dr. Roy Thompson’s comprehensive family dental practice is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Not only is Dr. Thompson’s practice known for its friendly, professional team and affordable dental care services in the office, but Dr. Thompson is also known for what he does outside of the office. Helping his community of Murfreesboro, TN, is very important to him, and he is active in various activities. Dr. Thompson’s core values are “balance in life, family, health, excellence, and humor.”

As a new patient, you want to make sure you and your family receive the best quality oral and dental care. With your health and dental needs in mind, Dr. Thompson and his team are sure to exceed your expectations. In addition, they welcome adults and children as new patients at their practice.

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