Sedation Dentistry


Murfreesboro Sedation Dentistry

Dealing with anxiety in the dentist’s office can seem like its own challenge. Older patients in particular may face difficulties with the dentist, as they remember a time when anesthetics weren’t as effective, or widely offered, as they are today. Procedures were, by and large, more painful, more invasive, and far less forgiving for even the most minor dental problems. It’s completely understandable that so many have dental anxiety, but it’s not reflective of what the current dental health industry can provide for patients.

Modern dentistry has taken the challenge of providing a better level of patient experience and exceeded expectations by leaps and bounds. The modern dentist is equipped to deal with patients of every age and background. Dr. Thompson, Dr. Kaitlyn Starbody, Dr. Michael Starbody, and the staff here at our Murfreesboro, TN office know that you may have questions or concerns about your dental care, and your dental health future. That’s why we offer some of the very best sedation therapy and pain management options in the 37129 area of Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Dentistry with Compassion

With our sedation therapy, we offer patients:

  • Pharmaceutical pain management options, including safe use and prescription of pain killers during and after a procedure, have taken place. Sometimes, the part of going to the dentist that will worry you the most is how long it will take you to recover from a procedure, and how you will deal with the pain and discomfort during that process. With our pharmaceutical options, we’ve got medically sound, effective solutions that cut down on your pain and anxiety.
  • Relaxing solutions can be used during any actual procedure, regardless of how extensive that procedure is. It may surprise you, but some patients have anxiety about even having their teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office. Our office staff and our doctors are all trained to provide the most relaxing experience possible to patients.
  • A caring environment. Another source of dental anxiety is the environment that some offices maintain. We’re aware that patients need the best environment to relax; mental tension can actually worsen your dental experience significantly, which is why we’ve worked hard to improve the atmosphere of our office, down to our reception area. From the moment that you enter our offices, we want you to feel welcomed, calm, and ready to improve the way that your teeth look and feel.

Our sedation therapies include solutions such as relaxing gas which can be used during a procedure, consultations on how to deal with long-term dental anxiety, and even alternative treatments that we can use for patients who are particularly averse to the traditional dental procedure. Whether you experience slight anxiety before a dentist visit, or you’ve got a lifelong fear of dental procedures, we’re both understanding and welcoming in our pursuit of helping patients find a better standard of treatment and compassion. We’re even trained to handle the dental anxiety that younger, first-time patients may have. To learn more, contact our offices for a consultation.