Teeth Need Water Too!

Teeth, like any other part of the body, need a healthy lifestyle to support them. Your teeth and gums may actually be more vulnerable than most parts of the anatomy, due to the fact that they constantly deal with physical and chemical sources of stress throughout the day. Water is one way to combat those sources, and to protect your teeth. While great for your overall health, drinking water and staying hydrated can also mean avoiding cavities and gum disease. Here are three ways water works for your dental health.

  • Circulation is an important part of dental health. Your teeth and gums both need a readily available supply of nutrients through blood to stay vital, which your circulation directly effects. If your circulation suffers, so does your dental health. If you’ve ever been a prolonged period of dehydration and felt sore teeth or gums that are normally not an issue, you now know why. Keep your mouth hydrated, and your circulation won’t be a problem.
  • A better environment for your mouth to fight off bacteria means a reduced chance of a dental abscess, or an inflammation of the gums, and that’s exactly what water has to offer. By drinking water, you help to replenish and encourage saliva production. Saliva, in turn, creates a more suitable environment in the mouth for warding off high bacteria growth, as well as naturally cleaning the mouth of food particles. If you often experience dry mouth, you need to drink water more regularly for long term dental health.
  • Wash away acids and sugars. After a meal that may have been heavy in acid and sugar, such as deserts, or foods that have a lot of citrus, a quick drink of water can reduce these chemicals, which both have negative impacts on your dental health. High acid can damage your tooth’s protective enamel, and foods that are sugary give bacteria a supply of food to reproduce at higher numbers. In combination, sugary, acidic foods are one of the biggest damage sources of teeth in the American diet. The worst union of the two would be sodas. Just replacing soda with water can actually be a huge plus.

A quick way to figure out how much water to drink throughout the day is to take your body weight, divide the number by half, and then turn that number into ounces. An 180 pound man can drink 90 oz of water, for example, and see the benefits. Increase the amount when you’re physically active.