Tooth-friendly snacks for movie night


Tooth-friendly snacks for movie night

Popcorn and candy are the iconic go-to choices when you’re at the theater, or just when you want the home theater experience. Combine them with a soda, and you’re on your way to a real cinematic time. Unfortunately, candy can do damage to your teeth through the high amounts of sugar, artificial coloring, and acids that give them their flavor. The same is true of soda. Popcorn, while not especially damaging on its own, can result in the ever unpopular experience of getting a piece of the kernel stuck between your teeth. That can lead to gum irritation, or even damage to your gum in more severe cases.

The question is, what are some healthy foods that you can enjoy while you watch your favorite movies? These recommended alternatives are more for the home theater than the actual big screen, but you may be able to sneak a few in with few questions or complaints.

  • Dry cereal, especially those that aren’t loaded up on sugar. One of the biggest appeals of popcorn, aside from the buttery flavor, is the “crunch.” In fact, when asked to identify one of the biggest components of American cuisine, several chefs pointed toward our love of crunchy foods. With dry cereal, you have many options that range from those with dried fruit, to those that may even have a closer texture and mouth feel with popcorn than most.
  • Edamame, dried and roasted, with a touch of salt. Nuts in general are a pretty solid alternative to popcorn and other snacks for a movie experience, but edamame in particular is a very healthy option that gives you tons of flavor, the same crunch that you’re looking for, and no sugar, transfats, or other problem chemicals.
  • Fruit is the ideal replacement for candy, but which fruit are the best call? Pomegranites offer small kernels of tart, flavorful eating, and while the process of taking the pips out of their rind can be daunting, it’s actually fairly easy. Grapes are another great fruit that are easy to clean, eat, and enjoy. Berries are a fantastic idea as well.

The key to finding a great alternative for movie night is to keep your amount of processed foods as low as possible, and to instead choose natural foods. It goes beyond just sugar– processed foods can also cause more physical wear and tear on your teeth.